Provision Music Series: Rokko and Friends

Alaric ‘Rokko’ Jans sits on the edge of the piano bench and leans forward.
“I’m going to share something I’ve never shared before” he says.
You find yourself leaning closer, nodding encouragingly, as if you are partaking in an intimate conversation with your best friend. And for a few minutes (well, 75 minutes, according to Rokko), this 6 time Joseph Jefferson award winner is just that.

With the stage and house warmly lit, Rokko spent his Monday evening sharing his music; snippets from his boyhood song about Martians to his breathtaking scoring for the Chicago Shakespeare theater and even the debut of some breakup songs he’d never performed for an audience before.  His fingers would fly frantically across the piano and then, just like that (as if he had only been absently dusting the keys and not transporting the audience to another time and place altogther) he would turn back to the edge of the piano bench, lean forward and just…chat.

The evening was topped off by special performances by Dora Washington and Dana Tretta who took the audience from a smoky jazz club, to outer space and then right back home again with a final performance of ‘O Chicago.’

You can see a clip of the evening’s  performance by clicking the video below or click here to see a list of the upcoming Provision Music series events.


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