Theater is the most collaborative of the arts. Scenic, lighting, costume and sound designers; director, choreographer, music director; actors, dancers, musicians; electricians, carpenters, stage managers–these and other contributors all come together to support a common vision. And let’s include the audience, too, for we enter a shared spaced for the nightly story-telling, and a spirit of community emerges.

Community is what Godspell is about. Each character’s journey is different, but inspired by the parables of Jesus that teach us to look out for the least among us, to reject hypocrisy, to let go of our individual troubles, a bonding occurs, a unity ensues.

And, of course, this bonding onstage mirrors what inevitably happens to the actors playing those roles, and the musicians, stage hands, and all the others in our theater family. We come together as a community to put on a play, and become friends!

Yes, our time here on this stage has a beginning and an end, but most of us will cross paths again–for that is one of the joys of theater–and all of us have been touched deeply by the souls with whom we have shared community these past months.

Rokko Jans (Music Director of Godspell)


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