Sneak peak into SHADOWLANDS rehearsal



The director (Tim Gregory) steps into the scene to give some helpful insight to the actors.

I stopped into rehearsal last Friday to see how everything was going.  I was amazed at how the actors are bringing this compelling story to life.   I cannot wait to see what happens when all the elements (i.e. set, costumes, lights) some together. It should be a great show to see!

Susan (Joy Gresham) and Jonny (Douglas Gresham) getting ready for their first scene.

C. S. Lewis (Brad Armacost) and his colleagues debate the meaning of love.

Behind the scenes set up for Lewis and his brother Warnie's library.

Check back for some great insight into the rehearsal process from the actors in the show.  It will be coming soon!


SHADOWLANDS opening soon!


by William Nicholson


Based on a true story, C.S. Lewis is a world-renowned writer and professor. Unmarried, he leads a gentleman’s life filled by intellectual pursuits, until he meets Joy Gresham. Joy is a feisty, abrasive, intelligent New York divorcee whose sharp-edged, no-nonsense attitudes take Lewis by surprise. Bursting unexpectedly into Lewis’s world, Joy shocks his associates and awakens Lewis  to deep emotions he has written about, but never experienced. He slowly opens his heart to this woman and experiences love on a whole new level. But life is made up of delicate balances, and Lewis must confront a difficult truth: “that a heart awakened to great love is also opened to great pain.”

SHADOWLANDS is directed by Tim Gregory, Artistic Director of Provision Theater.  The cast includes Provision Company member Brad Armacost (C. S. Lewis) whose recent portrayal of Lewis in C. S. Lewis on Stage was praised as “an entertaining, cheerful and fully fleshed performance…” (Kay Daly, TIME OUT Chicago) and “performed with the expected charm and smarts by Armacost” (Chicago Tribune). Other talented cast members include: Provision Company member Susan Moniz (Joy Gresham), Leonard Kraft (Major W. H. Lewis “Warnie”), Elliot Fredland (Professor Riley), Jonny Rabe (Douglas), Charlie Jensen (Dr. Oakley/Waiter/Doctor), Bill Chamberlain (Rev. “Harry” Harrington), Greg Foster (Alan Greg/Waiter/Clerk/Priest), and Amber Burgess (Nurse/Registrar) .

Stage Manager is Matthew McMullen. Production Manager is Jordan Danz. Technical Director is John Gedeon. Set Design by Inseung Park.  Costume Design by Isaac B. Turner. Props by Joe Dybdal.

SHADOWLANDS performance schedule is as follows: Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. ($28) and Sundays at 3 p.m. ($25).  Ticket prices include free parking. Groups of 10 or more receive 10% off. For reservations, phone 866.811.4111. You may also visit