A sneak peak of SHADOWLANDS

“4 stars” – Alan Bresloff

“A remarkable and true love story”- chitheateraddict.com


SHADOWLAND reviews are in!

We have had a couple great weekends of the show and the reviewers have really enjoyed the show!  Here are some great links to some of the reviews we have gotten over the last couple weeks.





I hope you have had a chance to come out and see the show.  If not, we still run till March 20th.  Click HERE to pick up tickets before it is too late or call 866.811.4111 to make reservations over the phone.


SHADOWLANDS is “Jeff Recommended”!



Joy teaching Lewis to love and embrace life!

After a crazy week with the blizzard of 2011, SHADOWLANDS opened successfully to a great audience on Sat. night.  The house was filled with Jeff Committee members, reviewers from the press and many loyal season subscribers.  We had a great show and found out the next day that we have been recognized as “Jeff Recommended”.   Click here to see what being “Jeff Recommended” means.


Here are a couple other pictures from our opening night!

Some good reviews are coming in, so come back soon to hear what the critics have to say about SHADOWLANDS!

Joy and her son Douglas visiting C. S. Lewis


Lewis and Douglas have a chat about Narnia



Having fun at the Opening Night after party!