Profile: Caroline Heffernan of Wonders Never Cease

We got a chance to chat with the youngest star of Provision Theater’s newest and final play of the 2010-2011 season, Wonder Never Cease. The show opens tonight and 11 year old Caroline Heffernan is thrilled to be making her Provision Theater debut!

Though this is her first Provision show, Caroline has a resume longer than some seasoned performers. She’s already appeared in multiple national commercials and has been on stage at The Goodman, Infusion Theatre Company, Collaboraction Sketchbook and most recently as Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird at Steppenwolf Theatre.

PTC Blog: What was your first performance experience and how long have you been an actress?
I started acting at age 5 in a television commercial for a bank and my first play was “A Christmas Carol” at the Goodman Theatre when I was 8.

PTC Blog: How is it different working on an original show vs. a show that has been done before?
It’s a new experience. In ways, it’s more interesting because you don’t have anyone else who has played the part before you that other people might compare you to. You can put yourself into your character and create her.

PTC Blog: What are the similarities between you and your character, Leah? What are the differences?
We are both alike in the sense that we are near the same age at the same point in history and we both are very creative and like to explore the world and our imaginations. We are different because I don’t see angels, my parents are not divorced and I have a great father. I also have siblings and a loving family and I go to a public school. The last difference is that I live in Chicago and she lives in LA.

PTC Blog: How do you prepare for your roles?
I read the entire script first and memorize my lines. Then, I decide who I think this character would be like physically and emotionally. Next, I go over my lines again the way my character would. I try to become that person as best as I can when I am on stage and with other actors.

PTC Blog: What is it like working with adults everyday?
It’s fun and hard at the same time. I like it when the adults tell jokes and play cards and games with me. I also like adults that figure out who I am as a person and become closer to me. It is hard sometimes when they don’t realize I’m a child and they say and do things they shouldn’t around me. It is also hard if they treat me like I’m too much of a baby.

Starting tonight, you can see Caroline and the rest of the talented cast of Wonders Never Cease every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Provision Theater Company, 1001 Roosevelt Road, Chicago.

For tickets, visit or call 866-811-4111.

And tune into the Provision Theater blog early next week to see photos and updates from opening night!


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