Provision Theater 2012-2013 Season Teaser

Provision Theater 2012-2013 Season Teaser

Provision Theater’s 2012-2013 season will engage our hearts, stimulate our minds, and touch our souls. Click on the image above to watch a teaser video for a special sneak peak!


Announcing our 2012-2013 Season!



Shaw vs Chesterton | Sept 7 – Oct 28

Based on actual debates and exchanges, George Bernard Shaw and G.K. Chesterton – two of the greatest literary minds of the 20th century – square off in what proves to be one of the most electric, humorous and relevant war of words in modern history. How do you remain good friends when you disagree on just about everything? Let these two “debaters of the century” show you. Witness actual exchanges between these great intellectual heavyweights as they battle it out over multiple topics that sound remarkably relevant today. The play also explores the complexities and deep admiration these “friendly enemies” had for each other that solidified there relationship for decades.

Starring Provision Theater Company member Brad Armacost

Adapted and arranged by Timothy Gregory

Directed by Timothy Gregory


The Christmas Miracle of Jonothan Toomey | Nov 23 – Dec 23

After a critically acclaimed world-premiere production last season, this beautiful, moving holiday treat is back by popular demand. When a broken-hearted boy loses the treasured wooden nativity given to him by his now deceased father, his mother goes to the local woodcarver in hopes of obtaining a replacement. Jonathan Toomey, known to the village as “Mr. Gloomy” takes the job – but refuses to promise anything by Christmas. But when Thomas decides to watch the woodcarver work, the commission takes their relationship to unexpected places; even as Christmas approaches, the real miracle is the transformation created in each of their lives.

Starring Provision Theater Company member Susan Moniz

Based on the award-winning children’s book by Susan Wojchiechowski

Written by Timothy Gregory and Michael Mahler

Directed by Timothy Gregory


Fish Eyes | Feb 9 – Mar 31 

A routine morning in a small fishing town. Two brothers. Fishermen who had a poor catch last night. They have no idea that they’re about to encounter a man who will change their lives forever. This stranger is different, simple, wise, vulnerable but strong. They soon learn more about him and in the process, themselves. Full of surprises, questions, confusion, pain, joy, and miracles. The story of Jesus and the disciples has fascinated us for two thousand years. Fish-Eyes is another look at how this God-man affected the world through two very human sets of eyes- Peter and Andrew. It’s humorous, identifiable, simple… and sure to move you.

Starring Provision Theater Company member Rod Armentrout

Written by Lee Eshleman and Ted Swartz

Directed by Ingrid DeSanctis


Spoon River Anthology | May 3 – June 16

This exciting new theatrical adaptation of Edgar Lee Masters’ classic poem cycle explores the accounts of a fictional small town’s triumphs and failures, and loves and losses, based on epitaphs from the town’s gravestones. Don’t miss this astonishingly stirring and emotionally satisfying offering. The dead, “sleeping on the hill” in their village cemetery, awaken to tell the truth about their lives. Tales of war, poverty, religion, and marriage among many other themes in this gossipy detail of middle America.

Starring Provision Theater Company member Lia Mortensen

Adapted and arranged by Timothy Gregory

Directed by Timothy Gregory



Jack and the Beanstalk | Sept 22 – Oct 27

NOTE: This production is not part of the Provision Theater subscription series

Join us for an afternoon of magic, wonder, and imagination! Provision Theater for Young Audiences is proud to present a musical rendition of one of America’s most beloved classic fairy tales. When a mysterious man convinces Jack to trade his cow–his family’s last valuable possession–in exchange for a handful of magic beans, our hero’s world is turned upside down! Will he be able to make it all the way up to the castle in the clouds, rescue the princess from the Giant’s lair, and make it back down the beanstalk safe and sound? Only time will tell…

Written by Marc Robin

Directed by Provision Theater Education Director Priscilla Hummel