A Conversation with Brad Armacost

As we approach the closing weekend of C.S. LEWIS ON STAGE, company member Brad Armacost reflects on his experience of bring a literary icon to life on the Provision stage.

C.S. Lewis On Stage

Brad Armacost as C.S. Lewis

For many, C.S. Lewis made an impression on them as a young reader. What was your first introduction or first memory of the work of C.S. Lewis?
I suppose my first introduction to CS Lewis was the through the world of Narnia and our Encyclopedia Britannica. When I shared my delight in reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe with my father he sent me off immediately to learn more about this fascinating man who was equally at home writing for adults, children, academics, philosophers and theologians. I remember my father being delighted that I took an interest in Lewis’ work, as he considered him “one of us.” I never never really knew what he meant by that. Maybe it was that Lewis was Irish or that his writings on Christianity were quite in line with my father’s own views. I choose to think it was because my father recognized Lewis’ appeal to the common man. That universal voice rings as clearly today as it did fifty years ago.

Do you have a favorite work by C.S. Lewis?
A Grief Observed is probably not an obvious choice as a Lewis favorite, but the generosity of spirit is evident even as he kicks and screams and yells at God in his grief. As he expresses doubt he shows us our doubts and anguishes are part of our growth as human beings. It helps us understand that “bereavement is a universal and integral part of our experience of love.”

Why do you think C.S. Lewis is such a compelling figure?
His writing is full of grace, humor and heart. His generosity of spirit. That he shared with the world the things he knew and loved in such a delightful fashion.

How does it feel to return to a role you’ve played before?
Its been about seven years and I’d like to think I’m a bit wiser (wishful thinking). I’ve seen my son grow into a fine young man headed off to school in Boston this fall (our only child). I’ve had the honor of playing CS Lewis in SHADOWLANDS here at Provision. Coming back to this role is like slipping on a comfortable, well worn pair of shoes. It’s our job to polish them and walk with you through this gentleman’s world on this particular night. It’s a glorious journey and one I’m honored to be taking with Tim and all of the folks at Provision.

C.S. Lewis On Stage

Brad Armacost as C.S. Lewis


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