Meet Mitch…

Provision Theater Company Member Colin Wasmund takes on the role of Mitch Albom in our upcoming production of Tuesdays With Morrie. We asked him a few questions about the show and his character

Which line in the play would you use to depict your character?
The character is past and present, so two lines:

Past: “Maybe the person who doesn’t love has more freedom than the person who does. A person who does not love is free to accomplish things, free to experience the world, free of the pain when someone leaves them.”

Present: “If you lead your life as Morrie did, with people as the priority, making memories, giving of yourself, then when you die, you’re not really gone. You live inside the hearts of everyone you’ve ever touched.”

What are three words you would use to describe your character?

Curious, Driven, Anxious

What role does your character play in this story?

The storyteller, really. The story is relayed through Mitch’s memory.

What really connects to you from Mitch’s life?

The overall relationship and the mentorship within the relationship. I can connect with how special it is to have a person like that in your life. Someone who has truly shaped who you are. Someone who was able to break down the barriers that once imprisoned the person you wanted to be instead of the person you thought you should be.

What do you think audiences will go away with after seeing Tuesdays With Morrie?

That is always impossible to determine. If nothing else, I think folks will walk away with a deep and rediscovered love for the special people who are and were in their lives.

Why do you think this show is worth producing?
Because it’s an honest, true, and a meaningful story with a focus on relationship. Relationships with the special people in our lives are often parts of our lives that are not given enough attention and they are often overlooked while our focus falls upon our work, money, success, and individual achievement.


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