Thoughts on Morrie by Brad Armacost

1. Which line in the play would you use to depict your character?

“It’s hard to find your way in life. The accidental journeys, the unexpected questions. We can’t always do it on our own. We need teachers…”

2. What are three words you would use to describe your character?

Alive. Aware. Present.

3. What role does your character play in this story?

I remember sitting at our first “table read” for this play and announcing that I didn’t particularly think of Morrie as a saintly guru, dispensing wisdom from the lofty perch of deeper awareness and knowledge. This was a man who lived a very blessed life, doing the job he loved and with a family around him. That he was faced (as all of us will be) with the prospect of his own death, arguably after a rich and fruitful life, was not of itself reason to confer the title of WISE MAN.
In the weeks we spent rehearsing and bringing the story to the stage my appreciation for Morrie and his desire to turn his “final journey” into yet another teaching experience and to pass along the gift of forgiveness has continued grow. Working again with Tim, getting to know Colin and Denise, working with the design and stage team of Carl, Jessica and Matt, 
and the entire Provision family are all essential parts of my continuing to embrace the man and the message.

4. What really connects to you from Mitch’s/Morries life?

If one laments: “I wasn’t blessed with an avuncular mentor, sage, and resident wise counselor.” Perhaps we should consider another wise man’s advice; that we look to the faces of the poor, the suffering and the children to help us learn life’s lessons.

5. What do you think audiences will go away with after seeing this?

That the “Morries” in our lives are present everywhere. In the least likely places, on the humblest of faces we can find the simple (yet profound) truths that are shared in this play. “We must love one another or die.” 

6. Why do you think this show is worth producing?

Morrie’s words to Mitch: “Farhaltisht deine licht unter a shorten.”